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This is Gavin and his best friend, Kona.  I had the pleasure of meeting Gavin when he was just three months old.  He was such an easy baby to photograph – at ease with the camera, loving every moment and smiling in every single frame.  Then there’s Kona…now, I am a dog lover and if you know a dog lover or you are a dog lover, you know that your dog is family, no doubt about it.  But you also must admit that pre-baby, your dog was your everything and after the birth of baby, your dog moved down the ranks just a little to VIP number two!
As Gavin’s family and I were moving to an outdoor location for the next part of the session, we noticed Kona lounging in the living room hallway.  So, we decided that if Gavin wouldn’t mind, we would photograph the two “kids” together for the family portrait.  It worked out wonderfully.  Kona was a very well-behaved pup and was willing to let Gavin climb everywhere and get comfortable enough for me to snap this photo.  It turned out to be one of my favorites from the session.  I loved incorporating two important people of the family – the dog and the new baby!  What could be cuter than that?
BabyStamps had the pleasure of talking to Eva Lempert, a photographer based out of Orange County, Ca. Real life for her includes being a professional photographer, blogger and a new mama to a sweet baby boy. 
Eva said most of her days are spent with her hair up, wearing her favorite sweats and trying her best to avoid baby-induce outfit changes.

She photographs weddings, families and blogs about her work and family adventures. Eva was nice enough to spend some time with us as we asked her questions about photography as well as baby advice.

What is the best thing about being a mom?

The best part about being a mom is waking up in the morning and having a little guy with a gummy smile smiling back at you. Knowing that you have created a human life, who is going to learn to love, laugh and live a fulfilling life – hopefully just like we have done in our lives so far!

How did you get into photography? Do you have any funny baby photo session stories you can share with us?

I majored in photography back in college (when film and medium format cameras were still used) and was asked to shoot a wedding, while still in school. I was so nervous about it but the couple loved their photos, referred out my business and before you know it, I was a full-fledged professional photographer before graduating college!

A funny baby photo session would be the most memorable first baby session for me. I didn’t have my baby until my mid-thirties, so I spent my twenties photographing babies but never had the experience of caring for one (or even holding one)! In the middle of a pose change, I picked up my client’s naked baby so we could switch out the blankets and I ended up being pooped AND peed on!! Later on in the session, I was spit up on too. So, I experienced it all in a matter of a few hours!! It was amazing.

What advice would you give to a first time mommy?

My best piece of advice to a first time mommy is to not sweat the small stuff, especially when you first bring baby home! I am known to be neurotic – clean house, organized tabletops, laundry done, dishes clean. It did NOT happen that way when we first brought baby home and I had the most difficult time learning that. I think the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby in those first 6 weeks is to love and get to know your new bundle of joy!! Enjoy him or her and just relish in the fact that this little person is your everything!

Another piece of advice is to remember that you can’t believe everything that you read on the Internet!! So, when you’re searching for why your baby is crying or making certain noises, keep in mind that whatever you read out there on the World Wide Web, you must take with a grain of salt. For real answers, ask your pediatrician. Luckily for me, my pediatrician is pretty available via email.

What is your favorite baby product must-have
My Ergobaby carrier is a must for me! It allows me hands free access to do things I normally couldn’t when holding my baby. Also, it allows for hands free grocery shopping and for when a stroller/car seat just isn’t going to work! I must also admit that the Diaper Genie is genius, I am sad I wasn’t smart enough to invent it myself. Also, I have my diapers delivered to me via the Honest Company – chemical free diapers and other products that are good for you and pretty good for the environment!

Your most memorable photoshoot in your career thus far?

I have been blessed with many memorable photo shoots in my career! I have been able to travel all over the US to capture life’s biggest moments– from weddings, engagements and family photos. What makes each photo shoot memorable for me is that each and every one of my clients becomes a part of my family. I see most of my brides & grooms grow from a family of two to a family with kids AND I get to watch their children grow up!! That is what is most memorable for me…the relationships that I build with everyone that I get to photography.

Be sure to follow Eva and her family’s adventures through her website and check out her Mama Project Blog too, if you have the time!

Eva Lempert Photography Website –

ELP’s The Mama Project –


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